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Bookings/Enquiries  07535 794295


At South Cave Falconry all of our experiences are carried out on a one to one basis so you won't be sharing your hawk walk or experience day with other people. This means that you get the full attention of our staff and the maximum time handling the birds - more fun and great value for you!

Check out our reviews on Trip Advisor and you'll see what we mean!


 Gift Vouchers

Don't forget gift vouchers are available from the centre and you can also pay by debit or credit card over the telephone.



Prices from 1 March 2018 

Payment must be made in full at time of booking.  48 hours notice of cancellation is required.

Minimum age for hawk walk, half and full day experiences is 10 years.


Introduction to Falconry (full day inc lunch)

One person - £100.00 (Spectator £35.00)

Two people sharing - £160.00

This is a great experience day for anyone wanting to take up hawking or falconry as a hobby – you will learn how to handle and fly a hawk and/or falcon, prepare its food and also enjoy an afternoon hawk walk (see below).



Introduction to Falconry (half day)

One person - £60.00 (Spectator £25.00)

Two people sharing - £100.00

Great for children or anyone just wanting a taster of what falconry has to offer. 



Hawk Walk (1 hour, 15 mins)

One person - £40.00 (Spectators pay normal admission)

Two people sharing - £60.00

Our most popular experience!  Take one of our Harris Hawks on a gentle stroll through nearby fields and woodland.  Enjoy the beautiful Rudstone Estate whilst flying and feeding a bird from your fist and don’t forget to bring a friend along to take some photos!




Hunting Experience (2 hours approx) 

One person - £80.00 (No spectators)

Two people sharing - £140.00

This is for the over 16’s only and is a great opportunity to do a hawk walk but with the added excitement of seeing your bird doing what is does best and hunting for live prey. (Available Oct-Feb). 



Junior Zoo Keeper for a day - £80.00 (School holidays only)

Come along for the day and get a ‘behind the scenes’ view of life on the centre.  



Owl Handling (30 mins)

One person – £25.00 (Spectators pay normal admission)

Two people sharing - £40.00

This is a great gift for anyone you know who is mad about owls and provides great photo opportunities!



Owl Flying (45 mins)

One person - £35.00 (Spectators pay normal admission)

Two people sharing - £50.00

Experience 'silent flight' close up with three of our beautiful owls!



Goat Walking (45 mins)  NEW FOR WINTER 2019

Goat handler - £30.00 (Spectator £10.00) 

Share a walk with our cheeky goats on the beautiful Rudstone estate and enjoy spectacular views of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Please note this is not suitable for children under 5 years and children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.



Childrens Parties – see Events



Falconry Lesson (2 hours) - £40.00

This is a one on one lesson for beginners who have an interest in getting into falconry and provides a brief introduction to feeding and weight management, falconry equipment and basic handling.

For those interested in progressing further please see below.



Lantra 'Beginning Falconry' Award

We are sorry to announce that due to recent increases in administration and registration charges, South Cave Falconry will no longer be offering the Lantra course. In place of this we have now launched our own course aimed at anyone interested in taking up falconry as a hobby and particularly anyone considering getting their first bird.

Our course will have a greater emphasis on practical handling skills and we will aim to address many of the questions/difficulties experienced by novice falconers. The course consists of 6 x 2 hour practical sessions covering aviary design, basic handling and husbandry, feeding and weight management, creance training, use of telemetry and free flying.

For students completing the course who are not able to keep a bird at home, we also offer a 'working livery' scheme at the centre.  This is dependant on space being available and the suitability of your bird for use with the general public.

The cost for the full course is £200.00.

Please contact us for further details and registration.

EXISTING LANTRA STUDENTS - you will be contacted directly to arrange for course completion.



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