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Pest Control for Business

Pest control using birds of prey is a highly effective and environmentally friendly method of keeping your business premises free from pest species of birds including feral pigeons, gulls and geese.


These species can be messy, noisy and even aggressive during their breeding season and will congregate in large numbers wherever there is a regular food source and suitable breeding/nesting sites.


Wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law in the UK but by using hawks to disrupt their feeding/breeding patterns they can be scared away from any given area without the need for them to be harmed in any way.  In most cases the regular presence of a bird of prey will be enough to persuade the pest species that the area is not a safe place to feed or to bring up their young and they will simply move on elsewhere.  This method allows the wild birds to be controlled humanely whilst maintaining public health and safety and halting the spread of damage or disease.


Our hawks are highly trained and can be used in both rural and urban areas. We can target either a particular building or a larger area where traditional methods of bird control ie. spikes and netting are not practical or effective.



This method of pest control is suitable for most business premises including food factories, railway stations, airports, golf courses, playing fields and farms.


Request a Quotation

If you are experiencing a problem with pest birds and would like us to send you a quote please ring Ann O’Brien on 07535 794295 or email


An experienced falconer will visit your premises to carry out an initial survey then advise you on the length and duration of visits necessary to address your problem.


We are fully insured and risk assessment/method statement will be supplied.


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